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Lynne Cox, the creator of the Shining Light Program, has offered to share 15% of the sales of her materials that come from the HT Canada website.

Shining Light Program

Our own Education & Inner Works Coordinator writes the following review...

"The Shining Light"

Personal and Social Development Program for Young Children

Nurturing Babies, Young Children and The Child Within Us All

By Lynne Cox
Self published, ISBN 0-9733577-1-1

Review by Wilma Lagerwerf

January, 2006

The Shining Light Program is a three part activity program designed to support and encourage young children (up to 8 years) in their progression of early mental, physical and social experiences.  Consisting of a CD of stories, accompanying book of lyrics and a manual of lesson plans for parents and teachers, the combination offers a solid selection of material to support young children in the exploration of self.  Joy, self esteem and encouragement is the message radiating clearly through all the simple and thoughtfully constructed exercises and activities.

The creator of this work is a parent educator and counsellor by the name of Lynne Cox.  A follower of the CWG series since CWG Book One was released, Lynne was inspired to share her wisdom with clients who are open to the ideas of our "interdimensional selves".  Her dream was to share what she learned by creating the Shining Light Program so children could be validated for being who they are during their prenatal experience, infancy and younger years.

The Shining Light CD (that has a corresponding book of lyrics) is divided into two sections consisting first of 11 stories set to music, each of which corresponds to a lesson/activity plan outlined in the manual of lesson plans.  The music is clear and beautifully preformed by Connie Sanders while Lynne reads the stories in a calm and soothing manner that attracts and affects adults and children alike.  The Shining Light CD also contains beautiful instrumental selections that can be used as background for meditations and quiet times.

The Shining Light Lesson Plans are structure to correspond to each story and music on the Shining Light CD, and highlight powerful objectives such as relaxation with breathing; creation through imagination; sharing and cooperation; positive attitude and making something "grow" with focus; self awareness and love of self; exploring gifts and lessons of nature; the power of wishes and dreams; imagery; embracing diversity; seeing goodness in another is sharing goodness within self; and finally with experience of making mistakes and lessons learned.

Shining Light Book

The beauty of this material is well described as written by Karen Cooper, M.S., Licensed Mental Health Counsellor.  "The Shining Light Lesson Plans which accompanies the Shining Light CD is designed to help educator and parents work together as they practice the exercises and creative visualizations presented in Lynne's stories.  Teachers are able to take children through songs, art, and activities that affirm qualities of patience, positive self-regard, and sharing.  Adults can support and affirm children's dreams, wishes, emotions, and individual experiences while teaching the activities outlined in each of the lesson plans.  Positive relationship experiences grow between adults and children, and children with themselves, providing them with roots of nurturing and validation to promote a foundation of emotional intelligence and good feelings about Self."

The environment provided by Lynne's ideas for self expression is needed for that "drawing out" from children the natural wisdoms that lie within.  Not only is this providing grounding for them in the fragile area of self confidence and expression, but the tools with which to explore and experience.

If I could summarize Lynne and her Shining Light Program in a word, it would be "love", as it shines through her and her creation in a way that is inescapable and invaluable for our young children in those precious, formative years.  A valuable addition for family and teachers who support and encourage the development of the whole child.

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