The Spiritual Cinema Circle


The Spiritual Cinema Circle is the world's first transformational DVD-of-the-month club.  There are 4 inspiring new films every month.  Hard to find, award-winning movies you won't see anywhere else.

There is nothing to return, the DVDs are yours to keep!

You can help support Humanity's Team Canada by clicking on the ads below.  A portion of each sign-up through this link will be given to HT Canada.

Spiritual Cinema Circle


As a Member of our Inner Circle, each month you'll receive a new DVD with four wonderful, entertaining movies that will enlighten and inspire your soul.  The movies will be a mixture of features, shorts and documentaries, all handpicked for their quality and content.  You can be assured that each month you'll see more inspiring, meaningful movies than you can find on T.V. or at the local cineplex.

And unlike rental services, the movies are yours to keep - you never have to return anything. Your collection will grow month by month until you have a whole library of inspiring movies you can watch again and again.

These movies have played to enthusiastic audiences at film festivals all over the world, and many have won major awards.  But in most cases, The Spiritual Cinema Circle is the only place you'll get to see them, because unlike traditional distributors, we know how important it is to have inspiring, enlightening entertainment in your life.

Spiritual Cinema Circle