Unity Project: December - The Occupy Movement

Dear Team Members,

This month I would like to invite everyone to join in Oneness the thinking of the occupy movement. Talk about the essence of the message with your friends and family ... share the information ... it's a wonderful way of being the change you want to see in the world.  Be ONE with it!

I'm adding some information about this movement that I received.  Feel free to read it or to listen to!


From Barbara Max Hubbard:

Dear Conscious Evolutionary Friends and Colleagues,
Our time has surely come! "Occupy Wall St., Evolve the World." The whole young rapidly spreading movement is an inarticulate yearning for a next stage of democracy itself, a next phase of community and society. The America Dream is not a noun. It's a verb. It's a Creative Evolution movement in embryo. While definitely against the misuse of power in corporations and political structure, we are also aiming at something more, something emergent.

In my work we have been calling it the cocreative society and synergistic democracy. A society in which each person is encouraged to do and be their best. One in which Robert's Rules of Order evolves into synergistic rules of order that seek to find common goals and match needs and resources in the light of the new potentials of the whole system. In other words, to cultivate social synergy.

I hope you will show up at your local Occupy movement and share your own ideas of what we are working toward.


From Avaaz:

The "occupy" movement is catching fire across the world and has achieved a radical shift in the way we think about our politics. Now, the world is asking, how can the movement win?

It's been three years since the financial crash exposed the greed and recklessness that drives our financial system and destroys our economies. We are losing jobs, homes, and benefits, yet politicians continue to throw public money to keep big banks afloat to speculate and hand out fat bonuses. The 1% get their way every day, through massive spending on lobbyists, revolving door networks with current and former politicians and using the media to spread threats and fear.

Enough is enough! We know ordinary people working together can shake even the most entrenched powers -- we've seen it over and over this year. In the last two months the occupiers' message has resonated in homes, bars, and workplaces everywhere -- people are beginning to speak out against the rotten financial and political systems that wreck our democracies. And, forced to cover the protests in real time, our media can't help but examine the abuses of power that many thought would remain invisible and unshakable.


From One becoming ONE:

One Becoming One Is Honored To Be supporting the Global Launch of the Revolutionary Media Creation Platform -- Studio Occupy!

"StudioOccupy is deeply excited to launch and share with the world a game-changing online media studio specifically dedicated to the Occupy Wall Street community, their hopes and their dreams. This collaborative effort includes folks currently active on the frontlines of the movement from OWSnews, GlobalRevolution.tv, InterOccupy, OccupyLA, Occupy4Love, and more. Check us out at StudioOccupy.org.

Right now, this movement contains potent messages and deep wisdom for how we can create a truly just, fair and environmentally sustainable society, and these stories are not getting out into the world. The movement needs a more accurate mirror to be able to see itself more fully. It's imperative that the authentic story of Occupy be told with the sacred authority given to “we the people,” as sovereign citizens abiding in an emerging Commons.

StudioOccupy is a platform that lets us harness our social creativity, collective intelligence and wisdom to produce passionate narratives and world-changing stories. We are crowd-sourcing inspiration from OWS! StudioOccupy empowers everyone in the movement with breakthrough, user-friendly tools that enable us to "Occupy a New Story" and create a new culture.


Here is a link to an interesting video from Bruce Lipton...


And another one from Deepak Chopra:


In Oneness with you all,